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Camden Conference 2022: Europe: Challenged at Home and Abroad

The Camden Conference returns this coming February with the theme "Europe Challenged: At Home and Abroad." As the organizers state:

The 2022 Camden Conference theme will be Europe today – what is happening and what we can anticipate.  Europe’s leaders and citizens are facing pervasive economic, political and social challenges, some exacerbated by the global pandemic. How cohesive is the European Union? Where are populist movements headed, and where are democratic institutions under threat?  What will happen to the European-United States bond as a new generation of leaders pursue their own agendas with Russia, China, and other countries?  When can we rely on Europe, and can Europeans rely on us?

We've already started to host related Zoom lectures that continue to be available to view on the library's YouTube channel, and, as always, we aim to bring you the related resources to inform your interest. Each year, the Camden Conferences produces a recommended reading list to accompany the multi-day event, and this year's list can be viewed on their website: Use the links below to request these books from our catalog or come into the library to check out our table display of Camden Conference books.

Recommended Reading List

The European Union: A Citizen's Guide, Chris Bickerton

Europe and America: The End of the Transatlantic Relationship?, Federiga Bindi, editor

The Brussels Effect: How the European Union Rules the World, Anu Bradford

Competitiveness and Economic Development in Europe: Prospects and Challenges, Stawomir I. Bukowski, Alina Hyz, & Marzanna B. Lament, editors

NATO: A Guide to the Issues, Brian J. Collins

European-Russian Power Relations in Turbulent Times, Mai'a K. Davis Cross & Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski, editors

Stars with Stripes: The Essential Partnership Between the European Union and the United States, Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

Brexit and After: Perspectives on European Crises and Reconstruction from Asia and Europe, Kumika Haba & Martin Holland, editors

World in Danger: Germany and Europe in an Uncertain Time, Wolfgang Ischinger

After Europe, Ivan Krastev

How Democracies Die, Steven Levitsky

The Dawn of Eurasia: On the Trail of a New World Order, Bruno Maçães

Alarums and Excursions: Improvising Politics on the European Stage, Luuk van Middelar

The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save It, Yascha Mounk

What is Populism?, Jan-Werner Müller

The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America, Timothy Snyder

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