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Poem of the Week: While We Were Arguing

Winter and snow take on many moods both in our lives and in literary form. In this poem, Kenyon weaves the weather into a charged moment, using fairly direct language that nevertheless crafts an entire moment, an entire world. This poem can be found in the anthology Winter: A Spiritual Biography of the Season, edited by Gary Schmidt and Susan M. Felch.

While We Were Arguing

The first snow fell—or should I say

it flew slantwise, so it seemed

to be the house

that moved so heedlessly through space.

Tears splashed and beaded on your sweater.

Then for long moments you did not speak.

No pleasure in the cups of tea I made

distractedly at four.

The sky grew dark. I heard the paper come

and went out. The moon looked down

between disintegrating clouds. I said

aloud: "You see, we have done harm."

- Jane Kenyon

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