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Poem of the Week: BLK History Month

Nikki Giovanni's work has been read, heard, and celebrated since she published Black Feeling Black Talk herself in 1968. With language guided by the influence of storytelling and the spoken word, Giovanni has had an enduring place in poetic consciousness and American literature as she creates works accessible for all ages. Her poetry is particularly appropriate to share this month, as so much of her work has been related directly to pivotal moments in Black history, whether speaking to charged political moments and assassinations or engaging with a celebration of Black identity. Appropriately, then, here is her poem "BLK History Month" from the 2002 collection Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea, artfully proclaiming Black Lives Matter in her own words.

BLK History Month

If Black History Month is not viable then wind does not carry the seeds and drop them on fertile ground rain does not dampen the land and encourage the seeds to root sun does not warm the earth and kiss the seedlings and tell them plain: You’re As Good As Anybody Else You’ve Got A Place Here, Too

- Nikki Giovanni

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