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Book Talk by the Sea

                      Sharing Books and Verse at the                        Camden Public Library

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The Night She Disappeared

A question for our times: what kind of literature was produced during the COVID-19 pandemic? While many of the books published in the...


"Every day I choose to try to do good. Much of the garden is harvested and put away for the winter. I will not forget again that we can...

The Midnight Library

Do you believe in parallel universes? In an infinite number of possibilities for the trajectory of your life? That's the question at the...


"I have to sneak over here in the dark just to have a few words with you. Is that language, or is it noise?" She said, "It's noise that...

When Is the Time for Witching?

“...witchcraft isn’t one thing but many things, all the ways and words women have found to wreak their wills on the world.” - The Once...

World of Wonders by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

If you’ve ever seen a child poring over an encyclopedic book about animals, plants, or other natural phenomenon—fingers ready to point,...

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